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Priority: Our Customers

We are always working to provide quality service, and we pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients. When you give us a visit, besides our Soap Center and a Soda Machine filled with cold beverages, you will also take advantage of the following amenities:

You don't need to worry about carry your heavy laundry for a long way or waste your time looking for a parking spot. Our store is in Heritage Park Plaza, which means you can always park close and fast. We care to spend your time with what matters most, so come to do your laundry with us and save time!

We know that everyone wants to be connected all the time, right? And thinking about the best for our customers, we offer free Wi-Fi service to enjoy your time while waiting for the services to get ready for you.

Are you thinking of waiting for your laundry to get done at the store? Sit down and relax, watching a flat-screen TV while your laundry gets clean and smelling wonderful.

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