What We Offer

From basics everyday laundry to those huge bedspreads and comforters, we offer the latest coin-operated washers & dryers models to you have the best experience possible.

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Who We Are

Liberty Laundromat has been providing the best services to Sandwich and surrounding areas since 2010. Fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

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Where we are
Liberty Laundromat is conveniently located in Heritage Park Plaza, on Route 130 in Sandwich.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Amazingly clean. Everywhere you looked it was clean including the restrooms. Benches outside for comfortable waiting. Plenty of parking. Friendly and helpful staff. A bit more costly than some but clothes came through clean and I felt COVID safe while there. Everyone wore their masks." - Jean Back
"Very nice staff nice and clean place plenty of washers and dryers to choose from lot space on there to stand away from others" - Adam Keene
"Very clean. They have an ATM, multiple change machines, and super friendly staff. The lady there during the morning today was super nice and very helpful. I had rolled change and she swapped it out for cash for me so I could get more quarters. The machines are very well taken care of. It is in a nice location right off the road. They have different sized washers and dryers which makes being efficient super helpful. I was able to get done with six loads of laundry in a little under an hour and half." - Ratana Griffith
"It can be very difficult not having the luxury of washing at home. But each and every week it is particularly nice to always go to an exceptional laundromat that is always available, open at reasonable hours, clean, not too busy or crowded and a very friendly staff always prepared to help.  It is always more of a pleasure than a chore. Thank you for your excellent service." - Ayesha Windsong
"Newer machines and clean. I also like the fact that they use fresh water versus other laundromats that reuse filtered water." - Liz Lyons